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''Work with us and make your import and export clearance easy, fast and reliable''

Ethioananat Logistics and Trading PLC is proudly a private owned company engaged in provision of customs clearing and port related activities. It has been successfully operating and has legal personalities licensed to the Government of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia. And work with a joint venture with a sister company licensed, the Government of the Republic of Djibouti for the service in the port of.

We enjoy working with top carriers anywhere in the world. Our Head Quarter is located in Addis Ababa and has been established as a legal commercial firm to provide clearing and forwarding services.
Our team comprises our staff and our business partner which forms the biggest asset of our company from different positions of the biggest branch of ERCA. We have extremely knowledgeable, hardworking and dedicated staff with a lot of experience and motivated manpower in charge of assessor, transistor and other well experienced in customs clearing, shipping and forwarding.

We are also very proud to inform you that our company kept its commitments' by providing uninterrupted, quality and reliable services to the customers since its inception. in doing these we can enjoy the return behind our goodwill services has further increased in number of reliable clients' and services to various places in Ethiopia to discharging its duties and responsibilities with the effective leadership.

Now we give standard services with its branch offices in Djibouti, and Addis Ababa as well as with its operational Offices located in bole international airport cargo, Kality, Gelan, Nazareth and Modjo dry port

Company Mission
We strive to be competitive in the national market; to continuously deliver and maintain high standard sustainable quality service by providing reliable, prompt and high class service to its customers.

Company Vision
To be among the leading Customs Clearing and logistic service Company in Ethiopia in the near 5 years, and deliver high quality service to our customers.

Company Core Values
Our company undertakes its business activities on the basis of the following core values:
Customer Focused: customs clearing and forwarding agent it is believed that customers are the ultimate ends; where, all the efforts are directed towards the fulfillment of their wishes.

Quality of Service and Integrity: The company is always striving to assure quality service by the customers definition and gives the utmost priority to ensure that all business activities are carried out with honesty, efficiency, reliability; responsibility and ethically.

Our Services
Custom formality clearance service for Importers and exporters.
Port formality clearance services for importers and exporters.
Dry cargo transportation services from and to port.
Facilitating Warehousing and delivery services.
Loading and Unloading equipment services
Booking and canvassing of import and export cargo services.
Freight collection service.
Monitor movements of containers.
Notify importers the arrival of their cargo

Special Remuneration
Competitive prices
Saving your time and money
Flexible method of payment
Discounts for regular clients
Prompt replies to all replies
Reliable and trustworthy service
Guaranteed delivery of goods and documents on time
We are committed in promoting integrity and acceptability
We have broadband internet connection with Addis Ababa and Bole International airport customs offices and Kality customs offices (for assessment and declaration activities).
Hence fast, efficient and less costly service to our clients is inevitable. Our policy is to command high reputation from our clients by rendering fast competitive and most efficient transit service. A time conscious is a cost conscious. Time consciousness is our dynamic force.
We are the kind of company ready to offer professional transit and related services to the public with high integrity and competence

Customs clearing service:-
Since our team members worked in this area for long time in different position, we have good knowledge, experience and ethics to clear goods from customs in efficient and timely manner. We follow and supervise your cargo since it reaches port to ensure a damage free transit to its final destination and to keep the customers updated for their convenience.
Short term training and Consultancy service on duty free privilege, investment, and voucher":-
Our experience thought us the various shortcomings and problems exporters, importers and investors encounter in goods classification and valuation, duty free privilege, voucher, things relating with customs guaranty bond. We have adequate knowledge and experience to help you with these matters.

Transport and forwarding

Consult and operate private or general customs bonded warehouse:-
Customs bonded warehouse is a privilege given to importers to bring goods by deferring customs duty and tax for four months. To get this privilege the importers need to have a customs bonded warehouse and we take the headache to get license and operate the warehouse according to the rule and regulation of customs.

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